June 26, 2015


Linking up with Third in Hollywood for
TpT Seller Challenge Week 2

I'm a little apprehensive about posting my dreams for a store that is just getting started and really hasn't taken off at all. I realize that perhaps it never will, which is fine, because it is just a place to put the products that I'm creating for my own kiddos... and since I've already created them (or will create them in the future), why not share with others?! Especially now that I am finally learning the ropes. Hopefully people will be able to enjoy these products! :)

This blog is also definitely a work in progress, so maybe my first dream for my TpT store should be to make enough to buy a blog design instead of trying to design it on my own. :) This will do for now!

  • My long-term dream would be to be able to stay at home with my (future) children while they are young. Although I absolutely love teaching, it does take at least 110% of my energy and "giving-ability," so it would be nice to have a little more of me to go around when I have kids of my own to pour into! Oh, and I'll need a few extra doses of patience then, too!
  • It would also be wonderful to have enough extra money lying around to help people in some way. I'm not sure what that would look like. The Lord will have to guide me in that... maybe giving to local missions, maybe having a large enough house to let people stay with us when in need, maybe providing meals for those less fortunate... The possibilities are endless (and really get me excited!). 
  • I would LOVE to be able to travel with my husband. I've done my fair share of traveling as a kid with my dad on business trips, was lucky enough to travel around Europe when I graduated high school, got to travel some with Young Life (Colorado, Oregon, ZIMBABWE), and finally went on a lovely honeymoon when school got out this year... BUT I have yet to get to travel with my husband (besides our honeymoon and small day trips), so I would love to get to explore the world with him!
OH and of course I would like to be able to purchase everything I need (okay, want) for my classroom! Including iPads for every student! :)

A girl can dream... RIGHT?!


  1. I think you did a great job on designing your own blog! I'm in the same boat as you, starting a TPT store and a blog at the same time. Good luck!
    Chrissy from Little Gingergarten

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck to you as well! I will check out your blog and follow your store! :)