September 5, 2015

Currently: September

I'm a little behind, seeing as it is now the 5th of September... but I am excited to link up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for Currently September.

Is this supposed to be about school? Somehow it ended up being all about college football.

I created some cooperative learning mats:

I think this one might be my favorite even though it doesn't match my room.

I feel like everyone is just now starting back to school, but we have been in full swing for 4 weeks! Thank goodness for a long weekend! :)
Happy Labor Day Weekend, y'all!
Enjoy the first Saturday of college football season!!!


  1. ahhhhh college football is one of my favorite times of year after professional ball and Thanksgiving!

    Life In Flats

  2. I look forward to following a fellow TN teacher! Good luck with the new school year!

  3. I second your goals :) Happy September~