August 21, 2015

Five For Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 
Read (or skip) to the end for my "big news!"

I have linked up with anyone in quite a while since I have been so busy with back to school stuff, so I am going to include this link up as one of my 5 things! :) I really don't know how teachers are still blogging, scoping, creating while going back to school! I feel like I "quit" everything else and just went full-force into school mode.

This was our second week of school! I am loving getting to know my new babes! However, I forget how hard/exhausting/crazy the beginning of the year is! They come in acting like they have never had to follow a rule before in their lives! HAHA! They are so sweet though, and I am looking forward to a great year!
One of my teammates asked me to create a "babysitter info" page for her since she has a baby at home. This is what I have so far. Suggestions?

It's hard to know what to include when I don't have kids myself! She told me what information she was interested in.

My teammates and I are getting along so well! It has been such a joy to work with them so far, and I can't wait to grow closer to them as friends and coworkers. Working with positive people makes school such a happier place to be! :)

My big news is that I typed up all our first grade sight words for my word wall. They match my blog because after Blogs Fit for a Queen designed my blog, I became obsessed. My whole room actually matched my blog now, too!!! (Am I crazy?!)

So they are now in my store! I figure this will be a useful resource! I am happy to customize them to fit other color schemes as well! :)

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  1. It is quite difficult to keep up blogging with everything else in life going full force, isn't it? I hope I can find the time to keep it up this school year! I like what you've started on your friend's babysitting page.

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press