July 7, 2015

2 for Tuesday

I am linking up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher for my very first 2 for Tuesday

My two products that I am going to showcase are my TpT Seller Challenge Masterpiece (20% off until tomorrow!):

and my "Henry and Mudge" cause & effect matching activity (20% off for 24 hours):

Let's unpack "I Mustache You A Question:"
This comes with 

detailed instructions

mustaches to be glued on popsicle sticks as a prop

independent work: write questions on sticky notes while reading,
then place on this page, write answers underneath if they find the answer(s)

bookmarks for asking questions while reading silently

a good questions vs. bad question sort-
students could come up with their own, or sort the ones provided in the product

The Henry and Mudge activity 
goes with the story "Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House. This can be used as an individual activity, partner activity, or a center game (laminated for longer use).

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