July 1, 2015


I am so excited to link up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for my first ever CURRENTLY post!

Listening: I am currently listening to Guy Fieri talk about Arizona BBQ on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" and the puppies (we just got a puppy and are currently puppy-sitting for a friend) chew rawhides, while my husband is researching the new Nike UT Gear (we already watched the hour-long reveal, that was enough for me but not him). 

Loving: I will always love me some summer time. Although I do think year round school would be beneficial for the kiddos, I am (secretly) thankful that the superintendent voted it down. I need this time to regroup, reenergize, revamp, and RELAX.

Thinking: Since I am participating in the TpT Seller Challenge, I am frantically trying to think of what my masterpiece is going to be! I am so intimidated by all these people that have already finished theirs or have been working on it for months... YIKES! I need some inspiration (that should've been my "needing!").

Wanting: I am currently always wanting ice cream, BUT...

Needing: ... I need to eat something healthy (like a piece of lettuce) because my husband and I have eaten out the past THREE meals! So, I'm also needing to go to the grocery store! (I need a lot of things!!!)

All-Star: It's hard for me to think of things that I am good at doing, and especially hard to post it somewhere! I wanted to put "puppy mom" because I feel like we're doing a pretty good job of training this precious girl:

She looks sad because her mommy was out of town.
She's spoiled rotten, I promise. Honestly... she doesn't know
how good she has it! Summer is the perfect time to get a puppy!
but I don't know if I'm quite at all-star level yet since she's still going potty in the house... so I asked my husband what I'm good at doing and he said being sweet... 

There ya have it! My first currently!


  1. Your puppy is adorable! Am I too late to participate in the TPT Seller Challenge? I've been so busy that I didn't realize it was going on. Have a great summer.

  2. that puppy is adorns… thanks so very much for linking up and congrats on your first CURRENTLY!!!