July 8, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece #tptsellerchallenge

FINALLY finished with my "Masterpiece!"
Since I am still pretty new to this, I am not sure how great this will be compared to everyone else's masterpieces... but I am pretty excited to share it! I hope you all enjoy it, too! :)
This includes resources for a questioning lesson. It has mustache "props," bookmarks, a page to place sticky notes with before, during, and after questions while reading, and a question sort for "good reader" questions vs. "needs improvement" questions. You could also have your students make the "needs improvement" questions into new "good reader" questions. I would love to see how you all use this in your classrooms! 

Thanks to my partner for looking over this product and noticing that some of it could be made more printer friendly! And thanks to this challenge for making me be creative and come up with a product quickly! :)

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