July 3, 2015

Five for Friday

My first "Five for Friday" link-up! :)

"Don't let this picture fool you, we're actually really bad!"
We are puppy-sitting this week, on top of having a new puppy that we own... and oh my goodness, it's almost not nearly as exhausting as teaching, but still wearing me out! They play hard all day long, and I constantly have to break it up for fear of them getting too rough! 

Everyone is posting their pictures of Target Dollar Spot finds, but when I went yesterday they were out of everything. :( I will just keep going back and buying more things I don't need! :)

Tonight we are going to our neighbor's house for dinner to say goodbye to another neighbor who is moving to Florida.

The power went out as I was typing this, so there was a delay. It gave me something else to say.

I put in a request for a blog design today. I cannot wait to see it once it is done and I finally have a pretty blog!!! :) I wish I didn't have to wait...


  1. EEEEK a blog design!!! Who is doing your design?!? YAY!! <3


  2. Hey lady! After seeing your post on my blog, I decided to check out your blog! We have so much in common. 1.) We will both be 3rd year teachers 2.) We both got married in 2014 3.) We both have fur babies! :) If you ever would want to co-blog with me/ edit each others TpT stuff, or do a blog contest that would be awesome! Also I love that you are from Knoxville. I LOVE Tennessee!! :)

    1. That's pretty crazy! :) I would love to blog together or do contests, whatever! That sounds great! It looks like you're from Pennsylvania. How do you have connections to Tennessee?!

    2. Awesome! I have some friends who live in Tennessee. Also, my hubby and I took our honeymoon in Nashville/Gatlinburg/Knoxville for a week. :) We loved it!

  3. Hey! Welcome to your first five for Friday linkup :)
    Congrats on your new blog design-I just got mine done not too long ago and it is so exciting to have a blog facelift!

    Stomping Through First

  4. Exciting, a new blog design! I just had mine done a few months ago and it was such a great decision. Good luck to your new design!